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LyX with TeX Live 2010 in Fedora 12

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Postby kruvalig on Thu May 13th, 2010

I install texlive with instruction on this page and now get error
(texlive 2010 as i undestand this is a developing texlive):

Code: Select all  •  Open in online LaTeX editor
 The layout file requested by this document,
 is not usable. This is probably because a LaTeX
 class or style file required by it is not
 available. See the Customization documentation
 for more information.
 LyX will not be able to produce output.

If i use
(texlive 2007, default in fedora 12), then all work.

When i first start lyx with NEW tex i get this log file
When i first start lyx with OLD tex i get this log file
And there is no section
Code: Select all  •  Open in online LaTeX editor
+Inspecting your LaTeX configuration.
+checking for LaTeX version... 2005/12/01
+checking for document class article

in log for new texlive.

How can i solve this problem? I know than in new tex exist document
class article.
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Postby meho_r on Thu May 13th, 2010

This may or may not be the answer you're looking for, but I'll write it anyway, maybe it'll be useful :)

Firstly, I wouldn't use TL2010 because it is still not stable (unless you're planning to test it).

Secondly, I'm no longer a fan of prepackaged version of TL since distros usually cannot keep pace with updates on CTAN. If you need updates, you better use TL manager for that (which cannot be used if TL is installed from repos/rpms/debs).

Thirdly, you may try to download TL2009 and install it locally, which I personally consider the best way to use it. I've written a quick guide how I did it on Mandriva and Ubuntu, so you may try to see if it works on Fedora too. Here's the link.

Note 1. LyX may still have problems with some document classes, but not with standard ones. You may search this forum for more infos.

Note 2. If you try the approach I suggested, you may need to install some packages from Fedora repos because they are dependecies for LyX and/or other LaTeX editors. It's OK. Also, you don't have to remove previously installed TL2007 or TL2010. The only important step is to set the path in ~/.bashrc, as mention in the post on Mandriva forum (you may also need to run source ~/.bashrc command once too after you set the path).

Note 3. After you've installed TL2009 locally, set the path to binaries in LyX: Tools > Preferences > Paths > PATH Prefix (e.g., since I installed TL2009 in my home folder, the path to binaries on my machine is: /home/dervis/TeXLive/bin/x86_64-linux). After that press "Apply", "Save" and restart LyX. Then open it again, go to "Tools > TeX Information", check "Show path", and press "Rescan". If all is set correctly, LyX should find the new path and use TL2009 binaries.
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