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Horizontal strikethrough?

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Horizontal strikethrough?

Postby adam1234 on Wed Aug 5th, 2009

Hello all, and thanks in advance for your help.

I am curious if there is a way to make a horizontal strikethrough in mathmode. An example of why I would want this is to be able to define spatial volumes as something like:


in order to differentiate them with other quantities that are apt to be defined as V.

The command \sout{arg} from the ulem package SHOULD work, but instead it underlines "arg" for some reason. I have no idea why this would be the default behavior, since ulem.sty also contains \uline{arg}, which is explicitly intended to underline text.

In the actual text of the ulem.sty, it recommends resetting \ULdepth from a default value:

\newdimen\ULdepth \ULdepth=negVal

where negVal is some negative measurement (e.g., -6pt), but this has absolutely no effect on where the line is placed.

I'm not terribly attached to ulem.sty - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Horizontal strikethrough?

Postby frabjous on Wed Aug 5th, 2009

With amsmath and ulem loaded, $\text{\sout{\ensuremath{V}}}$ works, but perhaps someone will have a more elegant solution.
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Re: Horizontal strikethrough?

Postby doches on Sat Jan 1st, 2011

The following works for me:

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\st{text to strike through
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