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Equation Alignment causes several Errors

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Postby Wenneguen on Sun Jan 20th, 2013


LaTeX tells me there are 12 errors in there :
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  $|a_n| \sim |b_n| &\iff |a_n| - |b_n| = o(|a_n|) \\
&\iff \forall \varepsilon > 0, \exists N \in \mathbb{N}, \forall n \ge N, |a_n| - |b_n| \le \varepsilon |a_n|$


I guess it is because of the stuff in the aligned environment, since it is the first time I use it. Could someone explain how to use it so that LaTeX does not detect errors ? (surprisingly LaTeX displays exactly what I want to make, but I like documents without errors :D)

Thank you ! :)
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Postby localghost on Sun Jan 20th, 2013

Please always provide a self-contained and minimal example to make a problem comprehensible at all. This would also prevent others from guesswork and random shots.

The aligned environment only works in math mode, either in-line or display mode. Since you didn't provide a full example, one can only guess that you are perhaps looking for something like this.
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}  % loads »amsmath«

      |a_n| \sim |b_n| &\iff |a_n| - |b_n| = o(| :D a_n|) \\
      &\iff \forall \varepsilon > 0, \exists N \in \mathbb{N}, \forall n \ge N, |a_n|-|b_n| \le \varepsilon |a_n|

And it's not necessary to activate in-line math mode ($…$) inside another math environment.

Further reading:

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