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Background color of an environment

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Postby meho_r on Fri May 9th, 2008


Till now, I figured out how to change color in minipage, but it isn't really what I need. It's OK for small blocks of text, but if the text is larger than a page or two, it's a problem since no text break across the pages can't be done.

To put simple: Is there a way to change background color of an environment? E.g. I have \quote environment that I want to have light grey background. How can this be achieved?
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Postby Juanjo on Fri May 9th, 2008

You can use the framed package. Here you have a simple example:
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A very long description list:
  \item[First item] \lipsum[1-3]
  \item[Second item] \lipsum[4-6]
  \item[Third item] \lipsum[9-12]


I copy here the head of framed.sty. To my knowledge, except that, there is no avalaible guide on the macros defined in the package:

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% framed.sty   v 0.8a   21-Jul-2003
% Copyright (C) 1992-2003 by Donald Arseneau
% These macros may be freely transmitted, reproduced, or modified
% provided that this notice is left intact.
% Create framed or shaded regions that can break across pages using
% \begin{framed} ... \end{framed}    -- ordinary frame box (box at margin)
% \begin{shaded} ... \end{shaded}    -- shaded background (into margin)
%    ... leftbar ...                 -- line on left side
% \begin{MakeFramed}{settings} ... \end{MakeFramed}
%                        -- generic frame (for new environments)
% The "framed" environment puts the text into "\fbox" with the
% settings "\fboxrule=\FrameRule" and "\fboxsep=\FrameSep".
% You can change these lengths (using "\setlength") and you
% can even change the definition of "\FrameCommand" to use
% much fancier boxes.
% In fact, the "shaded" environment just redefines "\FrameCommand"
% to use "\colorbox{shadecolor}" (and you have to define the
% color "shadecolor": \newcolor{shadecolor}...).
% A page break is allowed, and even encouraged, before the framed
% environment.  If you want to attach some text (a box title) to the
% frame, then the text should be inserted by \FrameCommand
% The contents of the framed regions are restricted:
% Floats, footnotes, marginpars and head-line entries will be lost.
% (Some of these may be handled in a later version.)
% This package will not work with the page breaking of multicol.sty,
% or other systems that perform column-balancing.
% The MakeFramed environment does the work.  Its "settings" argument
% should contain any adjustments to the text width (applied to \hsize,
% and using the "\width" of the frame itself) as well as a `restore'
% command -- \@parboxrestore or \FrameRestore or something similar.
% Expert commands:
% \MakeFramed, \endMakeFramed: the "MakeFramed" environment
% \FrameCommand: command to draw the frame around its argument
% \FrameRestore: restore some text settings, but fewer than \@parboxrestore
% \FrameRule: length register; \fboxrule for default "framed".
% \FrameSep: length register; \fboxsep for default "framed".
% \FrameHeightAdjust: macro; height of frame above baseline at top of page
% This is still a `pre-production' version because I can think of many
% features/improvements that should be made.  Nevertheless, starting
% with version 0.5 it should be bug-free.
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Postby meho_r on Fri May 9th, 2008

Thanks a lot, Juanjo.

I tested it with \usepackage[svgnames]{xcolor} instead of \usepackage[dvipsnames]{color} and it's working fine. This will make many things easier. Although framed is pretty limited (e.g. footnotes are lost) it can be put in good use.
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