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\thanks with multiple \authors and institutes

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Postby early_adopter on Mon Oct 13th, 2008

Is there a more principled way to achieve the following?

I'm thinking of something like \thanks[1]{...} and then \thanksref{1}

Note that I'm trying to avoid having each institute appear more than once.


\title{Oddly named Animals}
\author{Arthur Aardvark\thanks{Institute of Aardvarks and Zebras}
\and Egbert Elephant\thanks{Institute of Elephants and Foxes}
\and Fred Fox\footnotemark[2]
\and Zoe Zebra\footnotemark[1]}



The document...

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Postby bjorn victor on Tue Oct 14th, 2008

Hi there!

I don't know if this is exactly what you mean, but the elsevier document class has a feature like that:
(I cut out some of the non relevant parts to make it shorter.)
Code: Select all  •  Open in online LaTeX editor




% List of authors
% List each author using a separate \author{} command
% If there is more than one author address, add a label to each author
% of the form \author[label]{name}.  This label should be identical to
% the corresponding label provided with the \address command.
% e.g. if there are three authors from two institutions in USA and
% France, you can link them to their respective addresses, using
% \author[US]{John Doe}
% \author[US,FR]{Jane Doe}
% \author[FR]{Jean Dupont}
% \address[US]{University of Life, Somewhere, USA}
% \address[FR]{Universite de la Vie, Quelque Part, France}
% N.B. Unlike the document class used for abstract submissions, it is
% possible to have the author associated with more than one address,
% as shown in the example above.


% List of addresses
% If there is more than one address, list each using a separate
% \address command using a label to link it to the respective author
% as described above

% Title page footnotes
% If you need to add qualifying information to any of the authors,
% use the \thanksref{} command within the \author command.  The
% argument is the label of a corresponding \thanks[label]{text}
% command which contains the footnote text
% e.g. you can acknowledge a funding authority for John Doe, using
% \author{John Doe\thanksref{ABC}}
% \thanks[ABC]{This work was supported by Institute of Unphysical
%    Phenomena under contract no. ABC-123}


% Contact Information
% Add the complete postal address, telephone number, fax number, and
% email address of the corresponding author as a special footnote using
% the \corauth[]{} command.  This works in a similar way to the \thanks
% command.  Add the \corauthref{} command within the \author command.
% The argument is the label of a corresponding \corauth[label]{text}
% command which contains the contact information.  Prefix the text with
% Corresponding Author:
% e.g. if the contact author is John Doe,
% \author{John Doe\corauthref{1}}
% \corauth[1]{Corresponding Author: University of Life, 123 Some St.,
%    Somewhere, MI 12345, USA.  Phone: (555) 555-5555
%    Fax: (555) 555-7777, Email:}




 Manuscript text


The template file and class files can be found here:

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