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Error in .bbl File Topic is solved

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Postby swagatopablo on Wed Jul 10th, 2013

Using Kile 2.1.0 in Linux Mint 13 and writing a document (named proposal.tex) in standard article format. For the references, I am using a separate bib file using the commands
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where library.bib is generated by my reference management software (Mendeley). When I compile the document without the above commands, it gives no error at all. But when I compile with the above commands active, it gives several errors in the proposal.bbl file (which is produced at some stage) and refuses to generate the dvi. I am attaching the log file and the bbl file if they are necessary. Please help.

Correction: I have discovered more specific pattern in the error. It happens specifically when I need to include non-cited items from the bib files in the reference list and use the
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command in conjunction with the above commands.
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Postby localghost on Wed Jul 10th, 2013

The provided files are quite useless without the corresponding source code (*.tex) and the bibliography database (*.bib). All this information belongs to an adequate problem description by a self-contained and minimal example.

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