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CTAN got a facelift PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 13:28

The CTAN website http://www.ctan.org/ has been relaunched and shows a new design.

Content and features of the old site old site are now available in a new look and feel. The landing page is more informative, browsing CTAN tree and package catalogue has been improved, the upload form is better, and there's a better handling of CTAN mirrors. By a few clicks you could even change the skin of the web site, to better suit your personal taste.

Screenshot of new CTAN website

The existing links have been preserved, so there shouldn't be dead links after this relaunch. For more information and contact information, visit the announcement on ctan-ann.


avatar Karl Berry
I'm not sure what you mean about "better handling" of mirrors, unless it's just the new formatting of the list. http://mirror.ctan.org has been in place for many years.
avatar Stefan
Besides the formatting, the monitoring page seemed fresh to me and the page where a new mirror site can be registered. That's what I meant by "handling", the mirror multiplexing service is the same I think.
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