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Written by Sven   
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 08:46
Stéphane Galland has released version 4.6 of his bib2ml tool. The new version adds support for more locale characters, provides a new sorting algorithm which accentuated characters correctly and fixes a run-time exception on Ubuntu operating systems.
Bib2ml is a collection of Perl scripts that generates HTML, XML or SQL files from a set of BibTeX databases, together with a bib2html script written in PHP. The HTML translator features:
  • lists by authors, year...
  • publication categories, abstract, notes, associated PDF files...
  • Javadoc-like look for the generated pages.



avatar Heidi
You will want to mention the metre pgackae (available at your local CTAN), which also has a metrike environment which lets you add macrons and breves to your heart's content. Mixing accents and length markers is not always quite right, especially on diphthongs. The pgackae provides a collection of text-critical symbols, too.
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