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TeXworks 0.4.5 released PDF Print E-mail
News - LaTeX Editors
Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Sunday, 14 April 2013 15:46

The new stable TeXworks release 0.4.5 has been released today. TeXworks is a free and open source LaTeX editor running on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The new release contains some fixes and small enhancements to the 0.4.4 version, so updating is recommendable.

TeXworks logo

Some of the small new features are:

  • a close button for the console output panel,
  • an "Open PDF with TeX" option,
  • encoding support for "Mac Central European Roman",
  • compatibility with OS color schemes.
  • improved handling of long messages and file paths in the log parser.

The experimental 0.5 branch already contains those changes. The next major release will be 0.6, which is planned to include a new PDF previewer.

If you consider to update: in case your TeXworks version is supplied by your TeX distribution, it may be better to wait until the distribution updates their TeXworks version, to not lose your configuration such as font preferences.

For further information, visit:

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