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TeXnicCenter 2 Beta 2 released PDF Print E-mail
News - LaTeX Editors
Written by Stefan Kottwitz   
Saturday, 29 June 2013 22:48

Tino Weinkauf announced today, that the second beta version of TeXnicCenter 2.0 has been released. TeXnicCenter is a free open source LaTeX editor for Windows systems. This new version should be stable and can be used. There's a 32 bit version and a for 64 bit version.

Some of the changes:

  • The spell checking is now based on the project language, see project settings.
  • You can change the spelling language without a restart.
  • Color schemes have been added to the editor. There are different factory settings, and you can use a customized scheme.
  • Incremental search is now case-insensitive.
  • The structure parser now recognizes \include*.

For further information and download visit the TeXnicCenter homepage.


avatar Vladimir
Hi! Just bought the TeX Writer, it looks great!Seems like extlacy what I was looking for.I saw on the customizing manual page that you can play with colors. My wish would be to choose maybe which parts will be highlighted. Right now some of the tags are not highlighted (e.g., \in, \citep, \citet, \hline, \dots etc.). I also have a lot of my own shortcuts that I use frequently, and it would be nice to have them highlighted as well. Can I tweak the config somehow so it will work? Basically, what I want is to highlight everything that starts with \ symbol.Thanks!P.S. You can assume that I have full access to the filesystem on my device
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