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How to make TeXnicCenter portable PDF Print E-mail
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LaTeX Editors - TeXnicCenter
Written by Khalid   
Sunday, 14 March 2010 13:26

In my opinion, TeXnicCenter is one of the best LaTeX editors for Windows.

I usually customize many aspects of TeXnicCenter such as: text highlighting, tools, dictionary, and shortcuts. The problem is that TeXnicCenter saves all these settings in the registry. Thus, I have to repeat all these customizations on all PCs that I use. Also, there is no portable version for TeXnicCenter yet.

For these reasons, I was searching for a way to make it portable. During my goooogling, I came across a tool called Registry Rapper (http://portableapps.com/development/projects/registry_rapper). In the description of this tool i found:

"Registry Rapper is a template for allowing the use of programs that save their settings to the registry as portable applications."

This is exactly what I was looking for. I tried it and finally got it working and I would like to share this with you all.

  1. I assume that you have TeXnicCenter installed in your computer
  2. Download Registry Rapper from SourseForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/regrapper/).
  3. Unzip the file (Reg_Rapper_1.8.0.0.zip) to any folder. The contents of this file are
    The files that we need to make TeXnicCenter portable are: RegRap.exe and RegRap.ini. Make sure that you read the README.txt file.
  4. As shown in the readme file, create a new folder for TeXnicCenter and call it TeXnicCenterPortable
  5. Copy the RegRap.exe file to this folder. You can rename this file to any name you like e.g., TeXnicCenterPortable.exe
  6. Inside the TeXnicCenterPortable folder, create two folders: TeXnicCenter and SETTINGS.
  7. Copy all files from your original TeXnicCenter folder (i.e, the one in Program Files) to the new TeXnicCenter folder that you created.

  8. Copy the RegRap.ini file inside the SETTINGS folder. You have to edit this file as shown in the readme file. Anyway, to make it easy, just copy the contents below:

    APPNAME=TeXnicCenter Portable

    Save and close the file
  9. Done. just run the application that you created in step 5. Now


  • In the first time you run the application, it will read the settings of TeXnicCenter from the registry and save it to a file called Settings.reg inside the SETTINGS folder. This is the file where all your settings will be stored
  • when you run TeXnicCenterPortable from a different machine (that does not have TeXnicCenter installed), you might get the following error:
    I tried to install js Microsoft XML Parser but the error is still there!!
    Anyway, the application can run even with this error.
  • You have to install MikTeX (or any TeX distribution) in all machines that you use or use a portable version of MikTeX (see http://miktex.org/portable/about)

I hope you find this post useful.




avatar salehin
Thanks a lot, Khalid. :)
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